MD Academy - Healthcare Operator (O.S.S. Certification)

Healthcare Operator (O.S.S. Certification)

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Course schedule

First lesson: 22-01-2024

Lesson calendar:
In-person every day from Monday to Friday, 1 PM to 5 PM (Italian timezone).

During the course, you will attend two different Apprenticeships (shifts will be determined by the structures and workplaces you will be assigned to).

Final Exam:
The final exam will take place at the end of the course in the presence of a commission appointed by Regione Lombardia. The exam will consists of: Multiple choice test, Oral test and Oral presentation of a written report or essay

Duration and Timetable

Course timetable: 13.00-17.00

Course duration: 1000 hours (550 hours of theoretical study + 450 hours of apprenticeships)

Attendance: mandatory for at least 90% of scheduled hours

Course Location

Como , Via Belvedere 45 - Italy

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