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MD Academy

Professional and technical courses for international students in Italy

MD Academy's mission is to help individuals fulfill their dreams and career ambitions by providing them with the necessary training to enter the job market.

Our company is specialized in four main areas: healthcare, culinary/food and beverage, beauty and IT. We offer training programs throughout Italy, with a focus on Lombardy, the most productive region in Italy and one of the most financially advanced in Europe. Currently, MD Academy works with over 800 companies, hospitals, wellness centers, and more.

Our Accreditation

Leader in professional and technical training since 1999

Founded in 1999 by two young university graduates, over the years MD Academy has grown thanks to the increasingly widespread appreciation from its clients and the contribution and passion of its collaborators.

In 2001, the company has been awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan as "Best new business of the year", in the Punto Nuova Impresa competition.

Since 2015, it is accredited by Agenas as a national ECM Provider for Continuous Medical Education.

As of today, MD Academy has two main locations: one in Como and one in Milan. The company employs about 80 staff members, teachers and instructors.


Quality standards

Our company has its own Quality System Certification in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 model for "Design and delivery of services related to training, qualification, re-qualification, and refresher training" and "Job Orientation" (D.d.g. June 6, 2003 n. 9249, renewal of March 7, 2008 n. 2298, and n. 5808 of June 18, 2010).

We are an officially Accredited Institution by Regione Lombardia (Registration n. 264)

You can consult the Regional Register of Accredited Operators for Education and Professional Training Services published on the website of Regione Lombardia:

The company

Our mission

MD Academy aims to supply society with the professionals it needs by providing high-level, well-organized, and comprehensive training including both vertical and transversal elements. Our students appreciate the flexibility and innovative teaching methods, which include a mix of live online classes, in-person classes, and practical exercises.

Our company's strength lies in our direct relationships with 800+ of the best local companies, which allow us to introduce our trainees to businesses and help them enter the workforce. We believe in creating strong connections between our students and the professional world, equipping them with all the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen field.

All of our courses are designed with one aim: making sure all our learners obtain a professional qualification that enables them to work in a specific field in Italy, Switzerland, and/or other countries in Europe, or to obtain a certification of professional skills from Regione Lombardia.

Specifically, our programs for international students are especially structured to allow them to work part-time while studying with us. It is not mandatory, but we highly encourage it.




Studying and working in Lombardy, Italy

Lombardy (Italian: Lombardia) is the most financially advanced and modern administrative region in all of Italy, offering a flourishing job market and opportunities pertaining to a multitude of fields: IT, healthcare, art, fashion, tourism, food and beverage, and more. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the vibrant culture, the excellent food, the picturesque scenery of the Alps, the charm of small towns and the dynamic lifestyle of bigger cities that this region has to offer.

We highly encourage our international students to work part-time while learning with us. For this reason, our course schedules are especially designed to leave students with enough time to balance both aspects. Many of our learners easily find a side job thanks to our relationship with a network of 800+ companies in the area, many of which are actively looking to hire.

Our training programs are held in the city of Como, washed by its famous homonymous lake. The beautiful scenery offers gorgeous views to locals, tourists, workers and students from all over the world. There are few places around the globe where you can sit in a square dating back to the 1500's, while looking out to a vast lake and sipping on espresso; or find churches, villas and gardens from the Neoclassical, Renaissance and Romanesque periods all a short walk away from each other.

Como is only 30-45 minutes away (by car) from the cosmopolitan city of Milan, the second biggest city in the country. If you are into art or fashion, there is probably no better place to visit: you will find impressive theaters, bustling shopping districts, and huge museums or antique historical buildings all for you to explore.

When it comes to public transport, all main cities and towns in Lombardy are very well-connected: you can easily make use of buses, trains, subways and trams to travel around and even outside the region.


School and accommodation

Our school. All lessons will take place in our school located in Camerlata, a well-connected area of Como. Our classrooms can host up to approximately 25-30 students at a time, as we favor quality of teaching over quantity.

Students can use the bus to get to school every afternoon and use the three nearby train stations (two in Como, one in Camerlata) to easily travel medium or longer distances (e.g. Milan, Varese, Saronno, Lecco, Switzerland) for study, leisure or work.

Facilities and services in the immediate vicinity:
- A library (with study room) 15 min away by bus
- Various cafés and places to eat that students can reach by foot or bus.
- Various pharmacies in the surrounding area (1-3km).
- A handful of supermarkets or malls (1-3 km).
- Public pool just a 5 min walk from the school.
- Various bus stops (nearest: 5 min walk) and three train stations (nearest: 10 min walk) for students to travel to and from Como center, surrounding cities/towns, and Switzerland.

Lifestyle and the area. Students will surely get the opportunity to enjoy different typical foods from the Mediterranean diet, and witness first-hand the high quality of its raw ingredients: tomatoes and vegetables, olives and olive oil, cheese, coffee, wine... Lombardy is especially known for its risottos, cheeses, polenta, ossobuco, salami and much more.

There are several facilities, services, and amenities in Como and the surrounding area for you to enjoy in your free time, such as beaches, parks and hiking trails, malls, restaurants, cinemas, museum and historical buildings, cafés and bars. Whether you want to go for a boat tour, go window shopping in the city center, have an aperitivo in true Italian style, or visit one of the gorgeous villas with their annexed gardens, you are guaranteed to never feel bored in the charming city of Como.

If you feel like exploring further, you can easily reach other towns and cities near Como, like the lively town of Monza and the picturesque town of Brunate up in the mountains (connected to Como via cable car) or go for a swim at the beautiful shores of Cernobbio, Nesso, Bellagio, Menaggio and others. Adventurous souls and nature lovers cannot miss out on a hike in the Alps.

Did you know? Como is only 30-45 minutes away by car, and approximately 1hr by train, from the cosmopolitan city of Milan, the second biggest city in Italy. If you are into art or fashion, there is probably no better place to visit: you will find many impressive theaters, bustling shopping districts, and huge museums or antique historical buildings ready for you to visit.

Additionally, Como is only 10 minutes away by car, and 15-30 minutes away by public transport, from the Swiss border.

The weather. Italy has all four seasons. Northern Italy is characterized by a milder weather throughout the year compared to the southern regions, and you will rarely witness very temperatures or weather conditions. However, you may come by the occasional snowfall (especially near the mountainous areas) or heatwave (which is more common in a vast city like Milan). Prepare accordingly by packing both light and warm clothing!

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